Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Dungeon Family Reunion?

7:30AM Phone rings. Caller: "Hello? Is this SideStreet KED?" SideStreet: "Yeah! Who the fuc is this?" Caller: "The Homie "Cadillac". You don't know me but, I fux wit yo family. Khujo Goodie, Gipp... everybody". SideStreet: "Why 7:30 in the mornin' Cuz?"...
To make a long story short, The DF/Goodie Mob Reunion has been the topic of choice in most circles these days next to Mike's death (RIP). I'm all for the excitement but in my opinion, there is no Dungeon Family "Reunion". The Family has always been a union. To Quote Rico Wade..."AAH"
Dungeoneze is the move. Do U Speak? The Industry Creates Boundaries. The Music Superscedes.
The Goodie Mob Reunion show (Sept.19th, 2009) is sure to be the modern woodstock. We haven't seen The Mob this Millenia! Don't ask me I won't be leakin' any info. Wait for it. Garaunteed Monumental.
 Still Standin'... Unscathed.