Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Effn In Tokyo...

Whuttup Tokyo??? It's The Effn!!! I usually post those words to twitter upon arrival in every city but, I'm not sure I've received quite the same response everywhere I've been. In the past 12 months I've done more traveling than ever before. Although I've told myself that I would start blogging about the places I've been, I have to say that Japan has inspired me to start now. I was moved by the passion for culture, art, music & fashion that thrives there. It started to remind me of how Melrose & Little 5 Points used to be in L.A. & Atlanta. What's missing now that was there then?

It really didn't matter that everything was written in a different language. From the moment I stepped off the plane I felt at home. Tropical weather, palm trees and a city that seemed to be 3x bigger than New York. Somehow, They still manage to maintain the quietest, most friendly city I've ever visited. Growing up in the states, I was heavily influenced in my beliefs about Japanese culture. While there I realized that I knew little of the Japanese concept of religion and decided to visit some of the Shinto Temples around Tokyo.

After visiting the temples and familiarizing myself with the Shinto way of thought, I began to gather insight into the Japanese culture and philosophy. I cleansed my mind with the water from the fountains. Offered my respect & prayers at the altar and played some music on my guitar... All before noon.

Lunch in Japan??? This should be interesting. Actually, I love sushi! Certain kinds anyway so, we go to the SelfServe Sushi Bar in Akibahara and Lush on Sushi & Asahi Beer.

After Lunch, it was time to hit my favorite spot in Tokyo... Harajuku "Where the Kids come out to play" (Yeah, I just made that catch phrase up). It's like a Shopping, Fashion, Art, Music explosion. I go into Spinns and get mobbed with cameras. After about 45 minutes, a bunch of photos with the staff and GOD Harajuku... I leave out with a new bag, a lego watch and a few misc. items. If ever in Tokyo this store is a must visit.

Tokyo is a city full of action and I won't even begin to mention the part about being there with Nile Rodgers and Chic Rocking 2 Shows a night at the Blue Note Tokyo... The energy was insane! But, I guess I'll just say that the whole experience was full of "Good Times" and leave it at that. The Effn.