Sunday, May 20, 2012

AKA: The War On Normal

AKA: The War On Normal... If you missed Dirty Hollywood v13... You have no life! The one year anniversary of the Dirty Hollywood Showcase was Freakin Awesome!!! If you didn't know... SideStreet KED is Crazy!!! Self Diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder it's hard to anticipate which one will show up at any given moment but, at Dirty Hollywood last Thursday all of them came out to play. There's SideStreet, The wild one that likes to smoke, drink and have a good time. There's KED, The most sane of the bunch that usually keeps everything in perspective and likes to deliver subtle messages to the crowd. He's very educated, well rounded, cultured & has a college degree. KED is energetic, loves art, music & film, plays guitar & bass & is most known for his charm & wit. Then there's The Effn. Hot headed & Conceited with little to no regard for anything other than himself with a mouth that tends to get them all in trouble. There's also The GangLeader, A Street kid raised by various Thugs, Hoodlums & Gangbangers. Along with The Effn, The GangLeader is known for giving them all a bad reputation. The Avenue Kid is a 15 year old revolutionary child prodigy. Leaving High School for Higher Education he's well studied in a wide range of fields from History & Culture to Poly Sci but, at the current moment he seems to be enthralled in the study of The Chaos Theory. Although known for being a smart aleck, He's most known for rambling off useless information about the most random subjects at the most appropriate or inappropriate times. Most of them get along most of the time because they are all fighting for the same thing... The Destruction of Normal.

Performing at a Dirty Hollywood is always fun. It reminds me of the old Drunken Unicorn shows I performed on like Fuggin Awesome and Thi!nK N3w... when there was an energetic crowd, A stage full of prima donnas & Yelawolf was hanging upside down from the beams on the ceiling. The energy felt good. Boredom had to feel the asswhoopin' I dropped on it that night.

THIS IS A WAR ON ALL THINGS NORMAL. The enemy's most powerful weapons are Common & Regular. People, please protect your minds. Be Different. Think New. Boredom is the Devil!

Be entertained. Join the fight to enjoy life! Stop being controlled by Mass Communication. Why find enjoyment only in the things that we are told we should enjoy? Why not seek out the things that bring us joy for ourselves? Do you enjoy my music? Have you ever seen a live performance? Have you watched my videos? Do you follow me on Facebook or Twitter? Learn the Freakin Words!!! Everybody Sing!!! If you came to be Boring then you are a soldier for the Normal army. I will destroy you.

Wake Up!!! We are under constant attack. Our most valuable possession is our time. Use it wisely. SSK

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