Friday, June 22, 2012

The Wait Is Finally Over...

The wait is finally over... SideStreet KED Feat. Muffy "Hey U!" The Official Video. Shot & Edited By: Jaeson "Dirty" Williams of The Dirty Boy Social Club Produced By: Organized Noize Written By: SideStreet KED Courtesy of: SideStreetMusicGroup/DungeonEastRecordings/DungeonFamily From The Forthcoming Project By SideStreet KED Entitled "The Push Button Future"

They say "Anything worth having is worth working for". Well, if they don't... they should and this video is proof of that statement. I've faced obstacle after obstacle surrounding this song, video and project overall including lost session files at one point, system crashes, corrupted hard drives, getting kicked out of the W hotel (The original video location) for obvious reasons, blown ad deals, contractual dis-agreements etc... The list goes on. There were people, "Friends" & "Family" that suggested that it just wasn't meant to be but, in my heart I knew that it was. Sometimes we stumble and we need help to get back up. Sometimes there's no one else around to help you so you have to get back up on your own.

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Life has a way of giving you just enough to keep you wanting more. The morning of Day 1 was crazy! Most of it was spent in a cloud of smoke trying to track and collect the last bits of a checklist of items while on the phone with Muffy going over details.


I really wasn't sure what to expect before hand. I usually just go with the flow so that day was no different. The girls were already at holdings, the crew was on set, the W Hotel had been paid and the key to the corner suite was ready for pick up. Muffy & I Arrive ready to work.


As Muffy, The Girls & I change, Dirty & The camera crew begin to load in at the W. That's when everything goes wrong. The W Hotel realized what we intended to do in their fine establishment and deemed it not to be welcome. So, after a long drawn out explanation and a few cuss words Not to mention 75% of the all girl cast leaving upon hearing the news (I guess they only do videos shot in hotels) we change locations and continue on.


What we ended up with was an awesome group of people that came to have fun. The shoot ended up lasting all day & when it was over there was feathers everywhere! Think... Morning after a rave party. New friendships were formed, new projects formulated and Life had happened.


I would like to thank Muffy for being a part of this song & helping me to bring it to life. I would also like to thank Folami. I wouldn't be able to do any of this without you being there with me every step of the way. I would also like to thank Ray Murray for creating the perfect soundscape for "Hey U!" & last but, not least and at least not forgotten... That dude Dirty and The Dirty Boy Social Club for putting it all together.


SideStreet KED Featuring Muffy "Hey U!" Available on Itunes!!-feat.-muffy-single/id479065693


The Effn.

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