Monday, August 20, 2012

"Every moment is a gift from God, thats why it's called the present."

"We live in a push button future real life no undo, I live in the moment no undo..."

SideStreet KED Feat. Folami "No Undo"
Produced By: SideStreet KED for SideStreet MusicGroup LLC.
Written By: K. Jones & F. Thompson
Drums: Jo Walker
Bass: Michael "Mike P" Patterson
Mixed By: Jo Walker

Sitting in front of my computer scouring the Internet for information on new technology as I do for hours on any given day, those words just sort of "popped" in my head. Going off the vibe of the moment which is the modus operandi for any artist in my opinion I immediately, reached for my iPad (I write most of my songs on either my iPad or iPhone) and began to let the words flow. The concept behind the song is actually the driving theory behind "The Push Button Future" project.

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As a kid, one of my favorite cartoons was the Jetsons. I was captivated by the technology of the Jetsons futuristic world. The flying cars, the robots, the video phones & being able to have a full course meal prepared at the push of a button gave me visions of what my future would be like one day.

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Now, minus the flying cars that have yet to hit the market, we seem to have arrived in this futuristic world. Microwaves and camera phones are the norm. Nano technology is the new craze and robots handle most menial jobs around the planet. There was once a time when it took 7 days for a letter to reach California from New York but now information travels around the globe at the push of a button. This has truly become the push button future that I dreamed of.

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Although all of these things are now possible, there is one thing that has remained since the dawn of time... Life. In the virtual world mistakes are easily corrected. The computers keyboard comes standard with not only a backspace button but also a delete button. Real life has neither. There is no undo. Time waits for no man.

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The funny thing about time is that it's relative to the perspective at which it is viewed. See, we base time on the speed at which light travels from point A to point B which is approximately 300,000 kilometers a second in a vacuum such as space. That's about 186,000 miles every second but, light actually has the character of a particle and behaves as a wave which means that it travels at slightly slower speeds through denser material such as a planets atmosphere. So, being that we use light as our tool for time measurement and light is not traveling at a constant speed, it's safe to say that time is not absolute either. It changes according to the environment and the perspective at which it is viewed. It bends and warps. Stretches and slows, and can even be captured by gravity if the pull is strong enough. We can see this by studying a black hole.

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Hense the chorus by Folami... "You see the lights, the glow and the glare"

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There's a popular saying that most of us have heard at some point in our lives... "I'll believe it when I see it" well, that is a very naive statement if you take into account that you can only see things that reflect light. There's so much more to existence than things that reflect light. Does that mean that they don't exist? No. It just means that you can't see them. Open up your mind to the world around you and you can and will see more than you've ever dreamed. We spend our lives counting minutes and punching clocks when time isn't even real. Try living in the moment instead of holding on to the past and worrying about the future. If you are unhappy with your current life, try viewing it from a different perspective because in the wise words once spoke to me by Khujo Goodie... "every moment is a gift from God, thats why it's called the present."

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